What’s the point of taking a fiction workshop with someone who has little or no experience in publishing novels?

Arthur Nersesian is a prolific novelist with more than ten novels written in the last fifteen years. He has been running an intimate workshop, usually running about two hours for the past three years.

In addition to moderating the workshop, Arthur will give talks based on his own experiences regarding:
*Conceiving and plotting a novel
*Revising a work upon completion, making it sharper, crisper and more effective
*The daily discipline of writing (and overcoming blocks)
*How to get your work published, some basic business tips

“Some workshops, like the big ones with a dozen or more students go on far too long! Do the math, with each student taking about 20 minutes, that’s three to four hours! By then, I can barely focus. Most of the other students are hungry and everyone just wanted to leave.”

“In one workshop I attend an effort to shorten the process, instructors had students email their work to each others so it was pre-read when we reached the class. It wasn’t a bad idea, but we had these clipped summary, I felt that most students had skimmed. And with only a few days to get through a hundred pages, you couldn’t blame them, the only problem was I never felt that I was getting a full reading.”

“I paid for 10 sessions and because of the volume of students, I was only able to actually read at two of them.”

These were some of the complaints from students who attended my workshops over the past three years. And to a large degree, based on them, I’ve tried to shape my new workshop on these suggestions.

My workshops have a six-person limit – meeting at 7PM and ending around 9PM.
In each class, every student is guaranteed an opportunity to read their work.
Every student is allowed 8 double-spaced typed pages (@2,400 words.)
All works are read aloud and each student provides copies so that others can both hear and read along.

Prices are $450
Classes meet on Mondays at 7PM and continue for 10 weeks
September 18th, 25th
October 2, 16, 23, 30
November 6, 13, 20, 27

Participants testimonials are available upon request.